Industrial Furnace Refractory Removal


Industrial furnaces and refractory materials used in these furnaces have specific lifetimes. When this lifetime expires, the industrial furnace cannot perform the intended production. Therefore, it must be removed. This process is generally called industrial furnace refractory disassembly. Refractory dismantling is a job to be done carefully just like the refractory installation. That is because all industrial furnaces contain many materials that can be reused. The materials obtained after dismantling the refractory parts will be subject to recycling. For this reason, the dismantling of industrial furnace refractories should aim to rescue as many materials as possible and should be carried out with great care.

Refractory Recycling Operations

GlassTech Refractory specializes in assembling and dismantling of industrial furnace refractories. Dismantling operations are carried out quickly and efficiently by our professional staff who have received the required training. Cooling the furnace, dismantling of parts in glass and steel, the separation of what can be reused and subjected to the recycling process are in the scope of our services. We do not only perform refractory dismantling, we also reduce your production costs and respect the environment while working. That is because the raw materials obtained from dismantling will be used in the construction of another refractory unit.

Never Cease Production

GlassTech Refractory is aware of the burden of the long downtime of industrial furnaces. Therefore, all dismantling jobs are quickly completed. But we never compromise the safety and still try to recover the maximum possible number of materials. To be able to quickly complete the dismantling process, the latest tech methods are used. All reusable parts are delivered to companies who has a license from the Ministry of Environment. Hazardous waste materials are taken out with appropriate packaging. GlassTech Refractory is the first choice of the leading brands in Turkey for industrial furnace refractory removal and offers the highest quality service.

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