The importance of recycling of refractory materials

Refractory materials should be disposed of when they complete their lifetime or subjected to the recycling process to be reassessed. In the last 20 years, refractory industry favored the recycling process and minimized the damage to the environment, as well as reduced the implementation costs. Research show that there is no difference between the thermal stability of the converted refractory materials and the newly produc...

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What is a refractory brick? Why is it called fire brick?

Refractory bricks are shaped refractory materials that are used in industrial furnaces. The term originates from the refractory material having a specific geometric shape, it resembles a brick in general. Since almost all industrial furnaces reach high temperatures, the refractory brick must be able to stand against the corrosive effect of the heat. That is why they are also called fire bricks. Fire bricks are produced by...

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What is the lifetime of refractory materials?

Refractory materials, like all other industrial materials, have a limited lifetime. After the end of their lifespan, they won’t be able to fulfill their purpose. In other words, they start to degrade at elevated temperatures or corrosive chemical components. Refractory materials will fill their lifespan even if they are not subject to an accident. Once this happens, removal of the refractory material and recycling b...

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What preparations must be made before refractory installation?

Refractory installation is a task that needs to be treated carefully at every stage. The preceding stage is of vital importance at least as the refractory installation phase. The preparations required before the installation stage can be reviewed under two category:Before moving on to the construction siteLike all projects, refractory installation begins with the collection of necessary documents. Therefore, it is imp...

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What is hot repair, heat up and dry out?

These terms are related to the refractory materials industry, and especially industrial furnaces. An industrial furnace built with refractory materials is subject to a variety of processes during the installation and maintenance. To specify these processes in detail:Hot repair : Hot repair is the term used for maintenance and repair operations performed without stopping the operation of an industrial furnace. In other w...

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