Şişecam Turkey2021500Container     x
Şişecam Turkey2021500Container xx x 
Şişecam Turkey2020300Sodax x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2020500Container     x
GCATurkey2020400Containerxx   x
Beşler Cam ElyafTurkey2020200Glass Wool x   x
Şişecam Turkey2020750Float x   x
Şişecam Turkey2020500Container   x x
Şişecam Turkey2019750Float x    
Horn Nigeria2019550Container     x
Horn –Vetropack NemsovaCzechia2019300Container     x
Verallia France2019300Containerxxx x 
Şişecam Turkey2018300Limex x x 
Lav Turkey2018300Tablewarex x xx
Şişecam Turkey2018500Containerx x xx
Şişecam Turkey2018500Container x    
TurkmenglassTurkmenistan2017250Float x    
TurkmenglassTurkmenistan201750Container x    
LavTurkey2017250Tableware  x  x
Duzce CamTurkey2016800Float x   x
PaşabahçeTurkey2016200Tableware   x  
Paşabahçe Turkey2016200Tableware   x x
Anadolu Cam Turkey2016300Container xx x 
Buski – Bed Fluid IncineratorTurkey2016350Waste Inc.x x  x
Şişecam Turkey2015600Floatx x x 
Horn-VidroportoBrasil2014400Container     x
Şişecam Russia20141000Floatx x x 
ŞişecamBulgaria2014750Containerx x x 
ŞişecamBulgaria2014150Containerx x x 
ŞişecamBulgaria2014200Tablewarex x x 
ŞişecamGeorgia2014300Containerx x x 
Şişecam Turkey2014250Tablewarex x x 
GCATurkey2014250Tablewarex x x 
Parkcam Turkey2013400Container x xx 
Horn-Nampak GlassSouth Africa2013400Container     x
Şişecam Turkey2013300Containerx x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2012600Floatx x x 
ŞişecamGeorgia2012300Container x x  
Şişecam Turkey2012400Container x x  
Horn-Caspian Flat Glass Daghestan2012600Float     x
ŞişecamTurkey2011250Container     x
ŞişecamTurkey2011250Tablewarex x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2011300Tablewarex x x 
Şişecam Turkey2011300Tablewarex x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2011300Tablewarex x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2010600Float xx x 
ŞişecamTurkey2010250Tablewarex x x 
Şişecam Turkey2010300Container   x  
GCATurkey2010250Tablewarex x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2010600Float   x  
Duzce CamTurkey2009600Floatx x x 
GCATurkey2009300Tablewarex x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2009300Containerx x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2008250Tablewarex x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2008600Floatx x x 
Şişecam Turkey2007300Container x xx 
ŞişecamRussia2007300Container x xx 
ŞişecamTurkey2006300Container xx x 
ŞişecamTurkey2006300Containerx x x 
Şişecam Turkey2006600Floatx x x 
ŞişecamTurkey2006400Containerx x x 
IzocamTurkey2006300Glass Wool x xx 
Şişecam Turkey2005500Lime x xx 
ŞişecamTurkey2005400Containerx x x 
GCATurkey2004300Containerx x x 
GCATurkey2002250Tableware x xx 
ŞişecamTurkey20021000Limex x x 
Istanbul Cam  Turkey199850Lighting x xx 
DIS: Disassembling, Demolition
ASS: Assembling, Lining
CR: Cold Repair
HR: Hot Repair
G-G: Glass to Glass
OTH: Steel supply, Maintenance

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