Heating up is the name given to the process of gradually increasing the temperature of the installed furnace and finally pouring the glass. The practice of heating up is a subject that requires special expertise and professional working standards. Although it varies according to the capacity and heating model of the glass melting furnace, the furnace is generally heated up to 800 degrees Celsius under the supervision of our expert personnel during the heating up process. After reaching 800 degrees, dilatation, that is, the closure of the expansion gaps, takes place. After the furnace is fired up, the temperature is gradually increased every day and every hour.

After the furnace switches to its combustion burners and reaches 1200 degrees, our expert staff with their special clothes applies the sealing process with wick and mortar to the parts that are not closed in the expansion zones. Afterwards, the temperature is increased and the glass flow is ensured by the method of filling the glass shards or the blend. Since furnace heating up is an application that can affect the lifetime of the furnace, it is very important to do it correctly in terms of long-term operating costs.

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