Glass Melting Furnace Periodic Refractory Maintenance & Repair

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The longevity of the refractory materials used in industrial furnaces is of importance for efficient production. However, refractory materials and coatings have a lifetime period, no matter how carefully applied. This is an expected outcome because ıf the exposure to regular and continuous high temperature, corrosive gases, and slag. However, it is possible to extend the lifetime of the refractory furnaces by having regular maintenance and repair. During the maintenance, the worn parts, and excessive wear is repaired before turning to bigger problems. Glass furnace Periodic refractory maintenance and repair work is a necessity for every business that uses refractory materials.

Periodic Maintenance and Repair Services

Glass Furnace periodic refractory maintenance and repair work is usually performed by experts hosted in the permanent structure of the business. However, this situation is not profitable in the long term for a company. Refractory maintenance and repair work is carried out periodically. Therefore, employing permanent staff outside of these periods will result in a loss of profit. Signing a contract with a company that offers this service, as well as a pick-up service for emergency maintenance and repair operations, would be much more logical and profitable for businesses.

Refractory Repair and Maintenance Services for Professionals

GlassTech Refractory offers you this service with the expertise of up to ten years in the industry. There is no need to employ a permanent staff to ensure your glass furnace periodic maintenance. Our primary goal is to eliminate the problems before they appear and by doing so, ensure the longevity and production quality of your industrial furnaces. In addition to periodic maintenance, GlassTech Refractory can also intervene unexpected and sudden problems of your furnaces and carry out the required repairs. Thanks to our professional staff and special equipment, it is possible to complete the entire process within an extremely short period of time. GlassTech Refractory provides its services to Turkey's largest brands and ready to add value to your business too.

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