Glass Melting Furnace Hot Refractory Repairs, Maintenance

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Glass-melting furnaces are designed to operate for long periods at very high temperatures. In the glass industry, daily production volume can easily achieve hundreds of tonnes, and these furnaces are most important part of the process. Designed to operate 24/7 without interruption or supervision, regular maintenance and repairs are a must for glass melting furnaces. Glass furnace repair procedure are two in total and known as hot repair and cold repair. For the cold repair technique, the furnace must be cooled and completely emptied. Cold repair allows detailed repairs and renovations to be made but this method forces an interruption of production.

What is Hot Repair?

The hot repair method does not include such a disadvantage. Hot repair technique is used while the furnace is still running at the operational heat. This way, there is no need to interrupt the production. Special teams enter the furnace while it is still in the process temperature and use various chemicals to repair the worn parts. This method generally requires spraying a powdered chemical. This chemical alters its structure under high temperature, and fills all of the pores and cracks in mere seconds. Hot glass furnace repair is a specialized job and requires a professional team equipped with highly qualified instruments. The team will ensure both their own safety and the continuous work of the furnace. For this reason, it is essential to obtain a specific and detailed training beforehand.

Special Teams, Professional Services

GlassTech Refractory uses only the most experienced and professional teams to deal with the hot repair jobs.  The furnace keeps running during the intervention and no interruption is made to the production process. Repairing of worn out parts is done in a very short time and your production is not affected in any way. The special equipment and materials we use allow us to provide the highest quality service. Our experienced staff members finished the job quickly and securely, without disrupting the entire process.

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