Container Glass Furnace

Lagnieu, France

Verallia Lagnieu F1 Container Glass Furnace

  • Customer: Verallia
  • Country: Lagnieu, France
  • Project Type: Furnace Demolition, Draining, Steel Disassembling, Steel Supply, Steel Assembling, Refractory Lining, Heat-up ( Glass to Glass)
  • Year of Completion: 2019
  • Furnace Type: Container Glass Furnace
  • Furnace Capacity: 250 tpd

Our acquaintance with VERALLIA started when they got information from our website and called us. They were in search of a new supplier for glass melting furnaces in Europe that could provide sufficient and quality turn-key services from steel to refractory. 

After sending our corporate and technical presentations, we were invited to France and explored the factory site. In this project, which was classified as glass-to-glass, both the demolition and assembly of the furnace and the supply of steel components were required.

For Verallia, the most important question mark was whether our team had the technical competence to carry out the project. That's why they sent their technical teams to Turkey to visit the furnaces we built. We shared all the technical details about the implementation of the project with them. After the mutual meetings of the technical teams, the project was assigned to us.

Verallia was worried as the project was technically a difficult one. Logistics was challenging due to the location of the furnace, bringing equipment to the site and being able to move them was another major problem. First, we set up the platforms. We got a positive response when we got the platforms ready in less than a week. Because in their previous projects, we learned that other contractors could not install platforms even in 15 days. 

Everyone knows that during the project period, demolition, lining and heat-up should be done within a certain time schedule, and the slightest disruption exponentially delays the completion of the work. In this project, the machine failure we experienced during the demolition process caused us a 2-days delay, but thanks to the experience and skills of our team, we managed to close this gap with extra work and delivered the project on time. 

Minor problems may occur in most projects.  We received very positive feedback from the factory technical staff for quickly fixing these problems for being both solution-oriented and flexible. 

"If you have completed this furnace in these difficult conditions, you can make a furnace even in space" - Mr. Carlos MAZOTTI (Verallia France Glass Elaboration Manager)

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