Container Glass Furnace+ Float Glass Furnace


Turkmen Glass Container and Float Glass Furnaces

  • Customer: Türkmen Glass
  • Country: Türkmenistan
  • Project Type: Furnace Refractory Lining, Heat- up, Hot repair, Hot Sealing (ASS,HR)
  • Year of Completion: 2017-2018
  • Furnace Type: Container Glass Furnace+ Float Glass Furnace
  • Furnace Capacity: Container(50tpd) - Float (250 tpd)

This project, which we started as a subcontractor with Tepe Construction, which is the construction contractor of the project belonging to the government of Turkmenistan, was a design of Horn Glass Industries AG, for which we did many projects before.

Thanks to our experience in projects prepared by Horn AG, our team delivered this detailed project on time without any problems.

One of the biggest advantages of our team is that they have overseas project experience. Regardless of the country, the biggest reason why we can complete our projects without any communication problems is the experience and talents of our team, which are trained by ourselves. 

We generally work with the end users (glass manufacturer) on projects. In this project, we made an agreement with Tepe Construction, the contractor company that built the factory. This became a great opportunity for both our company and Tepe Construction in terms of experience. We presented Tepe Construction a detailed project plan in which all precautions were taken. We finished the project in a short time by progressing in a coordinated manner, thanks to great teamplay from Tepe Construction. 

Since the factory began operating in 2018, the furnace in Turkmenistan continues its production without any problems.

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