Container Glass


Sisecam ACS Yenisehir C Furnace

  • Customer: Sisecam
  • Country: Bursa, TURKEY
  • Project Type: Glass Draining , Furnace Demolition, Refractory Lining, Heat-up, Hot Repair, Hot Sealing (Glass to Glass)
  • Year of Completion: 2020
  • Furnace Type: Container Glass
  • Furnace Capacity: 500 tpd

At Şişecam, drilling and glass pouring is always carried out by teams under their own roof. For the first time in this project, Şişecam requested a contractor for these services.

In this project, where many difficulties were experienced, the dismantling process was the first challenge we encountered. The location and evacuation area of the furnaces are very important in terms of logistics. And in this project, the furnace is located in the middle of the Yenişehir factory, which makes the evacuation process very difficult. However we have carried out the disassembly process smoothly with the experience and dedication of our team.

Initially, the targeted glass-to-glass work time was 60 days. However, due to the pandemic that broke out all over the world, the delivery of the materials was delayed for two weeks. For this reason, we were forced to complete the lining period in 25 days, which was specified as 37 days initially, by recruiting an extra team and working overtime in line with Şişecam's demands. In this way, even though it was not our fault, we were able to make up for the delay period for the lack of material and deliver the contract within the targeted time.

This was the first project we carried out under pandemic conditions, which was delivered in compliance with occupational health and safety rules and by fully providing hygiene conditions.

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