What is the lifetime of refractory materials?

Refractory materials, like all other industrial materials, have a limited lifetime. After the end of their lifespan, they won’t be able to fulfill their purpose. In other words, they start to degrade at elevated temperatures or corrosive chemical components. Refractory materials will fill their lifespan even if they are not subject to an accident. Once this happens, removal of the refractory material and recycling becomes mandatory. Eradication of wasted materials is possible, although recycling process will prevent harm to the environment and help reduce the cost of reconstruction.

Refractory lifespan

The lifespan of refractory materials depends on the capabilities of the refractory material used. Likewise, exposure to erosion / corrosion levels will also affect the situation. The care shown during installation and the frequency of maintenance will directly reduce or improve the lifetime too. To give an example, a glass melting furnace coated with AZS (aluminum – zirconia – silica) has a lifespan of 14 – 18 years, if all maintenance jobs are done in time. The same furnace with a different coating material other than AZS will be subject to a lifespan of 6 – 8 years. In other words, the lifespan of refractory materials depends on a number of elements that needs to be evaluated together.

How long will refractory materials last?

Assembly and preparation for the installation are the most important matters for industries which use refractory materials. Working only with experts and companies with a background in the sector should be preferred. Because even the slightest mistake during production and installation will affect the lifespan of refractory materials in a negative way. Likewise, periodic maintenance and as well as hot & cold repair needs should not be neglected. Regular maintenance and repair will greatly improve the lifetime of refractory materials. Upon addressing these issues, it is possible to easily obtain a lifespan reaching tens of years.

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