Tableware Glass Furnace Refractory Lining Installation


Tableware glass furnaces produce glassware used for general and decorative purposes. Pasabahce Glass Industry, Gural Glass, LAV and Marmara Glass are the largest tableware glass manufacturers in Turkey. Glass melting furnaces are used for the manufacture of this type of glassware. Tableware furnaces dissolve the raw materials by using the fusion method; purifies them and make them ready for forming by homogenizing. They work 7/24 and if the project applied correctly, offer a lifetime of up to 15 years.

Tableware Glass furnaces have a production capacity ranging from 700 tons to 20 tons per day. By working 24 hours a day, they can perform an extremely high volume of production. Their melting sections may have a size between 20 and 200 square meters. Due to the regenerative properties, they are very efficient units and minimize the energy and heat loss perfectly.


GlassTech Refractory completes all of your tableware glass furnace refractory lininginstallation, refractory removal , hot repairs&maintenance, and structural steel fabrication & erection  projects with its professional staff quickly and meticulously. GlassTech Refractory has over ten years of experience in the glass melting furnace industry and provides maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

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