Soda Furnaces Refractory Lining Installation


Soda furnaces operate under the same principles as with salt ovens. They are mostly used in the ceramic industry and convert sodium bicarbonate into gas form under high temperatures (1,280 C). Once turned into gas form, sodium bicarbonate can penetrate the ceramic surface in a homogeneous way and will form artistic formations in various colors. Soda furnaces can also be used to convert different sodium varieties into gas form.

Soda furnaces can be used in different industries. This is due to the diversity of uses of soda. Soda is a material which can be used from food to pest control and cleaning products to fire extinguishers. It can also be used to clean aluminum products.

GlassTech Refractory offers you the highest quality soda furnace refractory lining installation, refractory removal , hot repair&maintenace, steel fabrication and erection services with a professional manner. Thanks to our team of experts and specialized equipment, all procedures are completed within a very short time and it is possible to go into production phase quickly.

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