Insulation Furnaces Refractory Lining Installation


Insulation furnaces are special industrial units which used to produce insulation materials, as can be guessed by their name. Some examples of insulating materials are rock wool, glass wool and thermal insulation materials (such as the ones used to cover the outside of a building or on the roof). In Turkey, Izocam and ODE are the largest insulation manufacturers at the moment.

Insulation materials allow for energy savings and help to mitigate the effects of global warming. They have an elastic structure, which absorbs the sound waves and also provide sound insulation. Insulation materials are incombustible and safe against fire. Because mostly recycled materials used in production, their environmental impact is very low. Insulation material production is reminiscent of glass production in general. Thus, glass wool production is almost the same as glass manufacturing, both relies on recycling of waste glass with sand. Insulation furnaces mix the raw materials, melts them, make fibers and produce them in a form ready to cut and packaged.

Insulation industry is a growing and thriving industry. GlassTech Refractory offers you its expertise and services of refractory lining installation, refractory removal , hot repair&maintenance, and steel fabrication & erection operations in a professional manner.

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