Aluminum Furnace Refractory Lining Installation


Aluminum furnaces transform raw minerals into aluminum under high temperature. In many ways, the production phase is similar to the iron and steel production. Unlike other industrial furnaces, aluminum furnaces do not have an ignition system. These furnaces are lined with copper pipe units filled with water-cooled oil. The required treatment temperature is achieved by heating of the oil with alternating currents.

Aluminum furnace temperatures can be controlled easily due to their inner system. For the same reason, the heat loss almost never happens and it is entirely possible to make a pure production. They are large enough to handle up to 65 tons of raw mineral structures at a time and their energy consumption is also quite high. Therefore aluminum furnaces require a large number of complementary structures.

Because of its expertise in the industrial furnace sector, GlassTech Refractory can provide the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for your aluminum furnace refractory lining  installation, refractory removal , hot repair & maintenance, steel structural fabrication and erection projects. Aluminum furnaces require a high level of professionalism and GlassTech Refractory is ready to provide it with an experience of over ten years.

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