Refractory Recycling


Refractory recycling is a very important matter both for lowering the production costs and in terms of environmental health. Once the refractory materials complete their life cycle, they can be recycled and reused again. Thanks to the advanced techniques used during this process, recycling does not occur a difference in terms of thermal stability of the refractory material produced in this way. Refractory material recycling is an operation that can be performed with great efficiency. However, the preparation of the recycling process is extremely complex and requires special expertise.

Refractory Recycling Process

The reason for this is that the variety of refractory materials to be recycled. While dismantling a refractory furnace, a plurality of parts will occur. Almost every one of these parts is different from the other and subjecting the same recycling process is not possible. Therefore, first the type of refractory material must be subjected to a separation according to their nature and structure. The refractory materials also must be pure as possible, for example, the remains of iron slags must be separated from each other. After all this preparation process, the refractory material will get turned into a powder by grinding, heating, or applying pressure. At every stage of the process, necessary measures are must be taken to avoid exposure to dust and moisture. Efficient recycling of a refractory material will provide a reevaluation of a portion close to 40% of the resulting waste.

Glass Furnace Recycling

GlassTech Refractory Refractory performs the work of dismantling the industrial furnaces and delivering the parts which are going to be recycled to the licensed recycling companies. Our expert and professional teams complete the dismantling process as quick as possible, classifies the waste and delivers the materials to companies which are licensed by the Ministry of Environment. The hazardous waste is properly packaged and taken out of the working areas. Our experienced staff is equipped with special equipment, so the refractory disassembly operations will complete in a very short period of time and your production won’t get interrupted. 

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