Industrial Furnace Construction - Refractory Lining Installation

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Industrial furnace refractory lining installation operations are the specific expertise of GlassTech Refractory. Installation of industrial furnaces refractory and manufacture of their refractory materials require precision and must be handled with great care. The identification of suitable refractory materials for your needs and meticulous installation work are among the issues that directly affect the lifetime of the furnace. During the installation, heat loss and unnecessary heat accumulations should be prevented as much as possible by determining the most heated zones in the furnace. A special treatment must be applied to these regions if necessary. These are the matters that require GlassTech Refractory professionalism and experience.

Increase Your Productivity

If done right, industrial furnace refractory lining installation operation will greatly increase your productivity right after application. This is because the prevention of heat loss will ensure that the furnace will consume less energy during the operation. Likewise, it will reach the desired temperature more quickly. A meticulous installation process and the usage of appropriate materials will extend the lifetime of the furnace and reduce repair costs. GlassTech Refractory offers you the most experienced team and the highest quality materials for all your refractory lining installation needs. Statistics show that when the manufacturing phase is done right, more than %50 of the energy leakages in industrial furnaces can be prevented.

Adding Value to Your Business

This means you can make big energy savings when compared with the daily and annual working time. The accuracy of the manufacturing process will also affect the periodic maintenance and repair needs of the industrial furnace. GlassTech Refractory will complete all of your refractory lining installation projects with an experienced team and ensure that you get the best quality service possible. The elimination of errors during the manufacturing process will also increase the efficiency of your production. GlassTech Refractory works with all of the leading brands in Turkey and ready to add value to your business too.

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