Glass Melting Furnace Steel Structural Fabrication and Erection

Cam Fırınları Çelik Konstrüksiyon İmalat ve Montaj 2

Glass melting furnace steel fabrication is an issue that requires special expertise and professional practice standards. Steel construction will be the main supporting structure of the furnace and will affect both the lifetime and productivity of the unit. Therefore, the planning phase and installation in accordance with that plan are of paramount importance. Determining your company’s needs, designing a plan in accordance to these and manufacture / assembly stages are the most important components of glass melting furnace steel fabrication business.

GlassTech Refractory produces structural steel construction projects drawn up by industry leading companies in its own workshop by a team of experts. The project company regularly checks the quality control stage of production and steel constructions are sent to the factories to be assembled after the necessary approvals. The assembly is still done by our team of experts.

GlassTech Refractory has more than ten years of experience in glass furnace steel fabrication production and installation projects. Float line furnace and tin bath, container glass and tableware furnace steel fabrication projects are completed according to specified measure and assembly is carried out with great care. Float glass furnace steel fabrication is an area that requires real expertise. GlassTech Refractory completes floatt glass melting furnace, waist, working end, tin bath, bottom line casing, bath roof casing and bath support steel fabrication and erection projects with the meticulously they require. Glassware furnace steel structure fabrication and erection is also completed in accordance with this context.

GlassTech Refractory offers glass melting furnace steel structure fabrication and erection services both domestically and abroad. Russia, South Africa, Brazil and Africa are among the countries we export float glass and container glass furnace steel structural constructions.

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