Glass Melting Furnace Refractory & Steel Work Consultancy


Refractory lifetime and efficiency of the furnace get affected from a lot of things; including but not limited to installation, maintenance, repair and even the first heating. Acting strictly in every step of this process will increase the quality of the results obtained. Continuous operation and longevity are the most important things for refractory furnaces. Therefore; plan, project, supply and installation of refractory materials bear importance separately. A business can manage all these processes on its own. But in this case, the end result will not be as financially efficient and will lack the required quality level. Refractory installation work requires special expertise. Refractory and steel work consultancy comes into play at this point.

What is Refractory and steel work Consulting?

Refractory and steel work consulting is supervising the whole process from beginning to end which we briefly explained above. Project management and reporting are also a part of this process. In other words, the refractory and steel work consulting services is a wide-ranging process of guidance service which include the planning stage, installation and even the first heating. It is a “turnkey business” with a full sense of the word. Because at the end of the project, the company will be able to start production without the need for a waiting period. This choice brings great advantages - first of all, getting the expertise of a company which is specialized in refractory and steel work consulting services will result in a much more fast-paced project. Working with a professional team will also raise the quality and efficiency of the end result.

Fast, Professional, Turnkey Projects

GlassTech Refractory  offers its refractory and steel work consulting services to companies for more than 10 years. Our service includes guidance for the design phase of the project, the supply of glass furnace materials, installation and the first operation of the furnace. It is possible to start the production in the shortest time by using our refractory and steel work consultancy services. Furnace cold repairs, hot repairs, industrial furnace refractory assembly & disassembly , industrial furnace steel fabrication &erection, installation of the refractory materials are part of our counseling service. GlassTech Refractory  is one of the most experienced and most professional companies in the refractory business and is ready to serve your company too.

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