Glass Melting Furnace Cold Refractory Repairs, Maintenance & Rebricking

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Glass industry requires high process temperatures, substantial investment costs and long operating times. This is why each unit used in this industry must be durable and of good quality. This is especially true for glass melting furnaces. Located in the heart of the industry, glass melting furnaces are of great importance in terms of production efficiency and quality. Therefore, repair and maintenance of these furnaces is of high importance and must be carried out in a rigorous manner. Glass melting furnaces can be repaired by two methods, which are called hot repair and cold repair.

What Can Be Done With the Cold Repair Method?

Glass melting furnace cold repair method can only be applied after the furnace is cooled and emptied. It is the preferred method for repairing severe damage and the redesign of the furnace, if necessary. During the cold repair process, each section of the furnace is controlled and necessary repairs are carried out. For example, totally worn out refractory bricks can be changed by this method. Cold repair of glass furnaces is also used for the change of furnace design. If a new panel needs to be added to the furnace or the design of the existing partitions will get changed, cold repair will be the preferred method.

Fast, Reliable and Professional Service

Glass melting furnace cold repair method requires the complete shutdown of the furnace and suspension of the production. It must be completed within a short time because of this reason. However, even in this short period of time, the safety protocols and the quality of repair should not be compromised. GlassTech Refractory offers all of these and more for your business. Our professional team will determine the most appropriate method of repair and complete it rigorously. Thus, the suspension of production will be as short as possible. After the glass melting furnace cold repair process is over, the furnace will be ready to work more efficiently than ever before. Rebricking of the worn walls and the re-heating of the furnace are part of our service. GlassTech Refractory offers the highest quality and most secure cold repair techniques for all industrial furnaces.

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