People First

GlassTech Refractory owes its success to innovative ways of working and people-oriented principles. In this respect, it aims to eliminate all kinds of factors that may cause damage to human life and the quality of work. There are no applications running in the structure of GlassTech Refractory to reduce the standard of living and quality of work. In this context; our workers are given the necessary training and safety equipment, and necessary arrangements are made regularly for them to enjoy their breaks. This way, the quality of work and productivity is ensured.

Our company policy is based on the protection of workers' rights and equal work opportunities. To ensure an efficient operation, GlassTech Refractory carries out all the necessary arrangements in this regard. Our corporate culture is transferred to all our employees and all staff members are trained in accordance with these principles. "People First", refers to a working system representing the GlassTech Refractory's vision.

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