About GlassTech Refractoy

Refractory business is one of the fastest growing and constantly evolving industries in Turkey. GlassTech Refractoy Furnace Refractory Steel Construction Industry Inc. was established by Hasan ZAZA (Co-Founder of Zazalar Construction) and his children Altan ZAZA, Ipek ZAZA CETIN to bring a professional approach to the industry with modern construction technologies. Hasan ZAZA is one of the pioneers of the refractory industry, he trained lots of refractory experts and developed many of the installation of refractory lining techniques which are still used in the sector. Experts trained by Hasan ZAZA are still doing valuable work in different aspects of the refractory industry. Because of the occupational safety methods, installation techniques and numerous studies developed by Hasan ZAZA, the refractory industry and GlassTech Refractoy kept growing at a fast pace and become one of the symbols of the sector. The professional discipline and studies of Hasan ZAZA still live in the spirit of GlassTech Refractoy and we are trying to be worthy of his name.

GlassTech Refractoy is one of the leading brands in the refractory industry, both abroad and within, because of this unique corporate heritage. We are aware of the importance of being a brand and for this reason, our company is specialized in assembling and dismantling of the glass furnaces. We are taking firm steps in the sector with national and international partners, and GlassTech Refractoy is one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to refractory business.

GlassTech Refractoy contributes to the development of the glass industry in Turkey and abroad by taking on projects requiring high-end technology and implements its duties adequately. Our production process is carried out in the light of the principles used to achieve high efficiency and up to date technologies. By closely following the development of the glass industry and thanks to years of experience, GlassTech Refractoy offers modern and contemporary solutions to the needs of this sector. In this context, GlassTech Refractoy works with Turkey's leading brands and offers a solution for all their needs.

GlassTech Refractoy incorporates the following services:

- Glass Furnace Construction/Maintenance

- Glass Furnace Refractory Lining Installation

- Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection

- Furnace Hot and Cold Repairs

- Glass Furnace Heat-up  Services

- Refractory Consultancy

- Refractory Disassembly and Recycling

Experience and Expertise in the Service of the Glass Industry

GlassTech Refractoy develops tailored solutions to their customers' problems and needs, by using high-end technology that meets the needs of the glass processing industry. Our mission is to provide high-quality and custom tailored solutions to the glass industry in line with our experience and work ethic. GlassTech Refractoy works with a professional staff to be able to reach this goal.

Respect for people and the environment are among the fundamental principles of our company. We aim to be the only solution partner of companies working in the light of the same principles. Developing innovative solutions, leading-edge R & D work and having a passion for the business, are the mandatory qualities we look for in all our employees. Our vision is to improve efficiency in the glass industry by using the latest technologies and by giving more importance to the environment and safety.

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