Refractory Jobs

The refractory sector is an ideal choice for long-term career goals. Refractory jobs almost never get affected by economic conditions, a high-degree of expertise is always needed and you get the salary you deserve – merit is the most important matter of refractory jobs. Some examples of refractory jobs which you can pursue in the industry are as follows:

-          Refractory Engineer : This position allows you to perform a wide range of tasks. A broad technical knowledge of the theoretical part of the refractory design and practical engineering of on-site installations and inspections are needed. Traveling is an essential part of the job and knowledge of design tools such as AutoCAD Mechanical, Inventor, Simutherm, and PV-Elite is mandatory. Knowledge of international codes and standards such as ASME VIII, Div. 1 & 2, EN 13445 and ISO5022 is also a plus.

Careers in Refractory Industry

-          Bricklayer : Known also as a refractory repair person. Repairing and constructing refractory linings using fire bricks and ceramic fibers is the main duties of this job. You must be able to work from engineer drawings and operate industrial vehicles. Electric welding and acetylene burning are the essential parts of the job. You must also be capable of working from heights. 

-          Furnace Operator : Furnace operators basically set furnace controls to regulate temperatures and heating time. They usually work with a furnace person for the casting and/or melting processes. A furnace operator observes the administration panel and adjusts rheostat controls to maintain a temperature between specified limits. Recording time and production data are also an essential part of the job.

Refractory jobs are not limited to these options. There are many other career opportunities in this sector. It is possible to work as a sales representative, account manager, and customer representative. Career options available in other industries are also applicable for refractory jobs too.  

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