Petro Chemistry Furnaces Refractory Lining Installation


Petrochemistry is a term that refers to a method of obtaining organic chemical products from petrol. Gasoline and chemicals such as ethylene, propylene, and xylene are the basic petrochemical materials. These materials are used in the manufacture of various products by using chemical additives and high temperature. Acrylic fiber, cosmetic products, food additives and dyes are some examples of these products. Petrochemistry furnaces are located in the center of the whole production.

Petrochemistry furnaces consist of a fairly large facilities. This is because a large number of different products are produced in these furnaces, as mentioned above. The production process requires huge chemical tanks and it is extremely complex. Petrochemistry furnaces heavily produce steam while working and their temperatures should be controlled continuously. The whole process (including the assembly of the furnace) require special expertise.

GlassTech Refractory  offers the fastest service and the highest quality of work for your petrochemistry furnace refractory lining installation, refractory removal, hot repair&maintenance, steel fabrication and erection projects. Our expertise makes it possible that all refractory installation and refractory removal  processes to be completed within a short time.

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