Iron and Steel Furnaces Refractory Lining Installation


Iron and steel furnaces are special units which melt and shape the raw ore under high temperature. They are the most important part of the iron & steel industry. Iron and steel furnaces are quite large and complex structures. This is because a large number of slag and waste gas generated during the process and they need to be stepped up to extremely high temperatures. Therefore, they need a large number of auxiliary facilities. Temperature control is of extreme importance for iron and steel furnaces, that is why only the highest quality refractory materials must be used.

Iron and steel furnaces operate with a simple yet efficient system. The crude ore is continuously discharged from the upper part of the oven. Heating is accomplished by a constantly circulating hot air flow at the bottom of the furnace. Iron and steel furnaces sometimes can reach 2.300 C, and they work according to gas recirculation principles. To further increase the temperature, a plurality of auxiliary materials (oil, coal tar, natural gas, etc.) are also being used. The higher the temperature, the pure the product is.

GlassTech Refractory is specialized in the iron and steel furnaces refractory lining installation, refractory removal , hot repair& maintenance, steel fabrication and erection jobs which require a high level of expertise. Our professional staff raises your productivity as well as the life of the oven using the most appropriate refractory materials for furnaces.

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