Cement Kilns Furnace Refractory Lining Installation


Every year, over one billion tons of industrial production is carried out in cement industry, worldwide. Cement kilns lie at the heart of this industry. Cement kilns could be very large because both heating and cooling are required at the same time during the production. The use of additional structures is necessary because of the units required for this process and the waste generated during the production. Cement kilns are constantly working units, and may reach temperatures as high as 1,450 C.

Cement kiln installations require high levels of expertise, due to the size of their production volume and a large number of complementary structures. The number of details needed to be considered during the installation (and dismantling) is quite high. Therefore, cement kiln refractory lining  installation projects should be only performed by professional and experienced teams.

Because of our experience of over ten years in the industry, GlassTech Refractory is able to offer you this expertise and more. Our talented and professional staff will complete all of your cement kiln refractory lining installation, refractory removal, hot repair&maintenance , steel structural fabrication and erection projects in a high-quality manner. Whatever the size of your project, GlassTech Refractory will always provide you the best service.

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